Online Casino Tips !

Online Poker Tips

1)      Choose a good online poker site

Your poker site should have excellent software, good bonuses and a solid VIP program. You also need satellites into large live events, plenty of variety in what games you can play and good traffic. In short, you should play your online poker at Titanbet Poker, Europe’s leading poker room.


2)      Sit down in a comfortable seat

Make sure you are sitting in comfort before beginning an online poker session. Try sitting for four to five hours in an uncomfortable seat. You get sore, irritable and this is not optimal for playing poker and winning money. This attention to detail really does make a difference.

3)      Do not get distracted

The chat box is a temptation to many players. Some players can type fast and draw you into a conversation. Remember to focus on the play, if you get distracted by the chat box either change the tab or disable the chat. Winning poker, not chatting, is the reason we play.

4)      Hunt for Internet gold

There is a wealth of free information on blogs, YouTube, random videos and e-books. Do your research online and search for information that helps things resonate in your mind. Wherever you can find it, search for that “eureka!” moment that will make you a better poker player.

5)      Review your hand histories

Session reviews allow you to check that hands you won and hands you lost were played correctly. Winning poker is about making the right decisions as often as possible so reviewing and critically analysing past hands teaches you what you need to gain from each hand. It is a vital part of obtaining relevant and useful experience.


6)      Control your chat

If you are prone to writing abuse into the chat box after a bad beat or when you’ve gone on poker tilt, why not simply turn off your chat facility. Not responding to a bad beat is actually quite empowering and can make you feel totally in control of your emotions, an important element of winning online poker.

7)      Check website offers

Keep your eyes peeled for satellite tournaments on the poker room schedule including various special tournaments you may be eligible for. Titanbet Poker rewards depositors and regular players in a variety of fun ways so always check to see what the current offers are.

8)      Adjust the settings

Titanbet Poker offers many different ways of setting up your table. Go through the settings and pick what you like best. We spend a long time staring at the screen playing online poker so liking what you see will keep the enjoyment levels high for longer.


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